Many ethnoses and cultures tried to understand the reasons lying behind the diseases and malaises and that left a trace on the pages of thousand year medicine history book. Now when this reasons have been discovered, intellect and modern technologies are in the state of constant war with pathogens and substances causing malaises.  We are constantly looking for antidotes, ways to destroy and extract alien molecules from the body and help the defensive powers to find and destroy the enemy. This is is a strong and experienced enemy who had repeatedly improved his skills to avoid the defensive lines of our immune system. If the poison penetreates into our digestive system through the mouth we can gather and extract it using sorbents – tying substances based on natural and synthetic materials (activated carbons, activated fiber, silicagels and etc.). But natural sorbents are the most effective in such cases including enterosorbent “ZOSTERIN-ULTRA” (30%). These are intellectual molecules which are not only extracting poisons of the digestive system but help the defensive powers to eliminate the consequences of their penetration into the body!


But what should we do if the poison penetrates to the body through breathing or wound getting directly to the blood? What if the toxin from the source of the disease gets to the blood? In this case “ZOSTERIN-ULTRA” (60%) absorbs to blood from the intestines and catches up the toxins into our blood system! This unique product made from marine grass Zostera marina has a large but elective sorption capacity and a significant number of fractions which are capable to penetrate into blood, neutralize and extract poison from the body.  “ZOSTERIN-ULTRA” (60%) will help to put handcuffs on the enemy on his own. When the job is done, the intellectual molecules of the medicine left the body together with the defeated enemy.

ZOSTERIN-ULTRA is an ultimately powerful and sincerely devoted servant of your body!