Zosterin Ultra is to be taken in courses. For adults: take as 0.5% solution (1g equal to 2 packages of Zosterin Ultra 30 is dissolved in 200 ml hot water or 0,5 g equal to 1 package of Zosterin Ultra 60 is dissolved in 100 ml hot water). Take once a day (in 2 - 3 hours after dinner) during 10 days. Depending on the severity of the condition, the course can be repeated in 10-14 days. For children of 3 to 12 y.o., 0,5 g Zosterin Ultra 30 (1 package is dissolved in 100 ml hot water) or 0,25 g Zosterin Ultra 60 (1/2 package is dissolved in 50-100 ml hot water) a day for 10 days. For children under 3 y.o., 0,2 g a day for a 10 day course is recommended .

Before giving it to the child, consult a physician. Zosterin Ultra 30 can be given to children 30 - 60 minutes before evening feeding. How to prepare a proper solution? Pour hot water in a glass, then the powder, stir slowly. Color of a solution can vary from dark brown to black. It tastes slightly acidic. Presence of an insoluble sediment and a smell of sea grass is possible. Let the solution to cool for 10-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Driknk it before going to bed (2-3 hours after dinner). The interval between Zosterin Ultra and other medicines and food supplements should be not less than 1,5-2 hours.


The manufacturing technology is unique. Raw material is being processed with the use of physical methods of extraction only. No chemicals (ethanol etc.) are used.

For occupational hazards

Guidelines of Federal Department for Biomedical and Extreme Issues of the Ministry of Health “The use of Zosterin Ultra pectin in the treatment and prevention at enterprises of a nuclear fuel cycle and the territories polluted with radioactive substances © МР-12. 07-02 March, 13, 2002” have been issued. According to the expert committee’s report issued by Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene (St. Petersburg), efficacy of Zosterin Ultra has been proven of the elimination of plutonium and other heavy metals from the body (ref. © 111/2 of 24.10.02):- The use of Zosterin Ultra as a natural substance does not cause doubts as it does not have an alternative. Therefore, the nuclear enterprises were advised to develop an emergency stock of the product.

In 2001, Zosterin Ultra was awarded with the diploma and the I.I Mechnikov’s Gold medal of the Russian Academy of natural sciences "For the practical contribution to strengthening nation’s health". . Zosterin Ultra has successfully passed tests at the enterprises with occupational hazards, including the Hoisting-and-transport equipment, Admiralty shipyards, at Carton and polygraphic manufacture, at the specialised manufacture “Radon” and at the Departmental Hospitals of the Nuclear power stations © 38 и122. 10 to 12 day course of 0,5 % Zosterin Ultra decreases the levels of the delta-aminolevulinic acid and coproporphyrins in urine 10 and 2 fold, respectively. Zosterin Ultra increases blood flow in the liver, improves venous outflow, increases slow blood circulation.

Zosterin Ultra demonstrated positive effect in chronic lead poisoniong: decrease of basophilic granulation of red blood cells (3 - 6 fold); the contents of lead in bone was found to be reduced by 40 %. Maximal excretion of lead was observed with 60 % Zosterin Ultra. In mercury intoxication, after a week course of the pectin, the number of people with physiological type of mercury excretion reached 96,6 %, with the 2 fold increase of mercury elimination with urine being reported. Excretion of plutonium was found to be 1,5 - 2 fold more intense.

Preventive use

Daily intake of 0,5 g (1 sachet) Zosterin Ultra 60 for 10-12 days is recommended at occupational hazard manufactures. Then, a break of 10-12 days should follow, then the course can be repeated. Similar courses are recommended also for those residing on polluted territories. In emergency (acute poisoning), 1 - 2 g a day (in the morning and at night before meals) is recommended.

The decision on the duration of the course is taken by physician based on the data of the contents of radioactive elements and other toxins in the body.